Scott Bouwens
Scott Bouwens

    Scott Bouwens studied Landscape Design and Communications at Washington State University in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Since then he has had a business of designing custom fiberglass lined water features, dabbled in construction, and was a Union Carpenter.


    Scott has been making lampwork beads since 1998 and has been selling them full-time since the year 2000.

    Scott is a beadmaker, inventor, toolmaker, instructor, videographer, and photographer.

    His glasswork and tools have been featured in various books and magazines and he has won many honors with his Work.

    He primarily uses Effetre glass and is known for the bright yet earthy colors he creates from using fine silver leaf in his beads.

    Scott and his wife run a studio/gallery in La Conner, Washington, USA.


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