Linda Kucina
Linda Kucina

    For me each of my Trollbeads is a little symbol, encapsulating a special feeling from a special occasion, time or a season.

    I like the artistic expression of Trollbeads, where the beads are not purely decorative, but also convey meaning and so closely reshape the natural forms in silver or glass.


    Linda Kucina lives in Latvia and has studied Intercultural relations & European studies. Besides being very focused on culture and international relations, Linda really loves and is fascinated by nature. To Linda, it is the best source of recharge and inspiration.

    She loves travelling, hiking, just going for long walks and sitting in quiet, picturesque places, listening to birds singing and daydreaming. Art museums is another favorite place. She also enjoys photography, painting and yoga, and a good book with a huge cup of tea.

    Linda Kucina was the winner of People’s Bead 2018. “When this year’s People’s Bead contest was announced, I cropped one of my paintings into a bead shape and decided to participate just to tell myself that I have done all I could do to get the bead I wished for."

    Linda reveals her inspiration: “I have a bucket list of dreams and goals and seeing the Northern lights was on the list. Last September, I went to Tromsø in Norway together with my friend, and luckily we saw very beautiful dancing Auroras two nights in a row. I wanted to encapsulate my memories into something tangible, but representing the colors closer to reality, so I did several acrylic paintings of the light."


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