Lily Sun
Lily Sun

    "I was first introduced to Trollbeads in 2011, my last year living in Canada. I love stories (who doesn’t), so a bracelet which let you tell your own story was an instant fascination for me. When I discovered there was a yearly People’s Bead contest, I vowed to keep trying until I got in! This year, the theme of 'happiness' was easy to make a story for. The secret to happiness, for me, is loving yourself first, and then to love someone else."


    Lily Sun grew up in many different places. She was born in China, but grew up mostly in Canada with a fun year in the US. Now she resides in Hong Kong with two dogs, a hamster, and her husband. Besides stories, Lily Sun loves animals as well as drawing them. Since childhood she has been interested in computers, art, and animals, especially drawing animals on the computer. The great love of animals and art can be traced back to her grandma, who patiently showed her how to cut butterflies out of folded paper.

    She and her husband met while studying Animation in Sheridan, and they’ve been an inseparable team since. Professionally she has animated TV shows as well as created storyboards for animated movies. Her husband noticed how much she liked drawing animals, and so at his suggestion the two started their own company, Minidragon. Now they have made award-winning mobile games based on her creations. Born in the year of the dragon, her dream has always been to simply create a world of her own and share it with everyone. She is thankful for the chance to leave a piece of her own story in the world of Trollbeads.


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